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Prairie Lavender & Sage Guest House

"Getaway and make memories !"

Can you visualize the exceptionally tough stages that the pioneers had to endure to settle this land? From riding on covered wagon or maybe a train, to go on an adventure, with a goal in mind to make a fresh start or to build on empire.

Every home has its own story. From settling this parcel to now as a guesthouse, we followed the history. Hope you enjoy this tale about 201 Glick Avenue.

Starts in November of 1888, William Glenn an attorney, bought and settled this property. Mr. Glenn was a Senator of Kansas. His claim to fame was a train ride with Herbert Hoover in Tribune on November 2, 1928 at that time President Hoover was to be elected on November 4, 1928. Mr. Glenn had owned South Tribune T & L Co. also he invested money into the 1st National Bank and the newspaper.

The house was a basement house first in 1910. Then the second story was added in 1920. The main floor was built in 10x10” clay bricks that were delivered by railcars. The masons laid the brick and stucco on the outside and inside of the house. There has been remodeling of the house as more money, society and interests have changed.

Then owners changed with at least 6 owners, over a span of 125 years finally ending with Prairie Lavender and Sage Guest House. There were probably a few more owners in that mix; however, they were not recorded in the Register of Deeds.

One of the owners was, Robert Glentzer, he along with 4 other men in Tribune, one of which was Fred Kleymann, Kirby's uncle. They were instrumental when they put their minds together and started the Co-op in 1949. To help the farmers market their crops.

The house went through a host of owners and renters, 3 tax sales and finally landed in our grasp. Tons of labor intensive possibilities with skilled professionals and anticipation, for our little "house on the prairie", to brand it as a “Guest House”.

With the grain bins as our sky scraper, a little home town where businesses are bustling, the bank, and newspaper and Co-op are still here. That is the tale about 201 Glick Avenue, so take your shoes off, sit back and relax, or ponder your next great idea and we welcome you as our guests.

Prairie Lavender and Sage ~ Trina and Kirby Kleymann